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Spring Crappie Time is Here and That Means Fish Fry! [VIDEO]

spring crappie

One of the best things about early spring is fishing for crappie. Of course, the fish fry afterwards is as good or even better than catching them.

There is nothing more enjoyable after a cold winter than the spring panfish season. Crappie are one of the first panfish to start biting on most waters which means that the next couple of months should be prime time.

Regardless of whether you prefer a long telescoping crappie pole, a spinning rod, or even a fly rod, crappie are a lot of fun.

Catching them is only part of the fun.

They provide some great food afterwards if you decide to take home a mess of them to fry.


Crappie are about the most fun you can have when it comes to panfish.

Whether you are throwing crappie jigs or minnows under floats, you are sure to have some fast and furious action when you go crappie fishing.

When the fish are shallow, hanging out around brush or other cover, you can even sight fish for them which is the most rewarding way of fishing for just about anything if you ask me.

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Spring Crappie Time is Here and That Means Fish Fry! [VIDEO]