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Spring 2015’s Top Fly Fishing Photos of Instagram [PICS]

On The Fly

Some fly fishing photos on Instagram are closer to works of art than they are pictures of fish.

A new wave of fly fisherman is taking over the Internet and the consensus shows it’s not all about just catching fish anymore. Sure, catching fish will always be the object of going fishing, but if you check out some of the more popular fly fishing photos on Instagram, the prize is more in the pursuit, imagery, aura, and overall experience of the fishing adventure. The new goal? Capturing all that in a single photo.

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The following photos are just a sampling of the photo-taking talent that is out there, day in and day out, snapping the pictures that take our breathe away. The talent especially shines when it comes to these fish that haunt our dreams.

I encourage you to follow some of these Instagram posters as well. You will be glad you did.

Who wouldn’t want to switch places with this guy for a day?

Sometimes the best moments of fishing happen after the release. 

This picture almost looks like a fish painting instead of fish photo!

Not all fish caught on a fly rod are trout.

What a cool picture. 

The picture we all hope to take – a fish in the net. 

Some fish are just too big for the net! 

Yep. That’s a shark on a fly rod. 

The #schoolbus on this post cracked me up.

Now this is an amazing shot. 

This is why I’m going to invest in photo editing software. 

Never underestimate crappie on a fly rod!

I hope to take a photo like this one day myself.

You have to do what you have to do.

What a great point of view!

If these fly fishing photos don’t have you ready for spring, then you may need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Maybe this year you might be able to take some photos like these Instagram users, too!

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Spring 2015’s Top Fly Fishing Photos of Instagram [PICS]