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Spot and Stalk Hunting Explained by Remi Warren [VIDEO]

What exactly is "spot and stalk" hunting? Is it applicable to your area, your environment, your game?

Remi Warren, Montana guide and host of "Apex Predator" and "Solo Hunters" on the Outdoor Channel, provides a clear and concise explanation of just what exactly spot and stalk hunting is.

Spot and stalk hunting is sometimes a foreign concept to hunters who live and hunt primarily in deep woods environments.

But while spot and stalk can be used, depending on the situation, in heavy forest situations, it is in mountainous or open country that it is most often employed.

Warren did not go into many of the techniques and details of spot and stalk hunting in this brief video but there are a ton of articles, videos, websites and more on the subject.

Also, if you hook yourself up with a guide who is well versed in the method, you can of course learn a lot from that experience as well.

I don't want to say that modern optics are vital to spot and stalk hunting, because hunters long ago effectively took game by spot and stalk hunting without high-powered optics. But optics are understandably viewed as an essential piece of equipment today.

A quick and partial subject list of other considerations for successful spot and stalk hunting include camo, available cover, wind, knowledge of the terrain and lay of the land, your own physical abilities and endurance, animal movement tendencies and behavior, and more.

Famed bowhunter Chuck Adams wrote a fine story of a personal experience with spot and stalk hunting (what Adams calls "foot hunting") a Montana mule deer. Check it out here.

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Spot and Stalk Hunting Explained by Remi Warren [VIDEO]