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How to Spot a Concealed Firearm

These tips could help you spot someone who shouldn’t be carrying a concealed weapon. 

Most people who carry a concealed weapon know what they’re doing. More often than not they are legal carriers who use holsters that are designed to conceal their gun effectively on their body. Another segment of concealed carriers is less careful about concealing guns. These folks tend to be dangerous people.

This graphic, which illustrates tips from the New York City Police Department, shows how to spot a concealed firearm on a person. These tips have to do with recognizing odd movements, conspicuous clothing and out-of-the-ordinary gestures that can be indicators of a hidden handgun.

But don’t get carried away with this info. If you happen to find someone negligently carrying a concealed firearm, don’t approach them or draw attention to the situation. Instead, call the police.

how to spot the signs of a hidden handgun

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How to Spot a Concealed Firearm