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The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act Clears House Committee

Fickr/Steve Stracqualursi

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act was passed by the House Natural Resources Committee on Oct. 8, according to a press release from the American Sportfishing Association (ASA).

The SHARE Act (H.R. 2406) would benefit recreational fishing, hunting and natural resource conservation, says ASA.

“After failed attempts in the previous two sessions of Congress, the recreational fishing community is anxiously awaiting the long-overdue passage of a comprehensive sportsmen’s package,” said Scott Gudes, vice president, Government Affairs for ASA.

“The House Natural Resources Committee’s action today gives us optimism for the future. We applaud Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) and members of the committee for advancing this significant legislation.”

The SHARE Act was introduced after a controversial fishing closure in Biscayne National Park, says Gudes.

ASA notes that specific provisions in the SHARE Act that impact the recreational fishing community include:

  • Protecting traditional fishing equipment containing lead from unwarranted federal bans.
  • Requiring federal land managers to support and facilitate access for fishing, hunting and recreational shooting on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands.
  • Preventing unnecessary closures to fishing and hunting on public lands by implementing an “open until closed” management policy.

An amendment was also passed to ensure that state and territorial fisheries agencies have a rightful say in fisheries management decisions in their own waters was approved, according to ASA.

The SHARE Act next moves to the House floor. Read the full text of the bill here.

Companion legislation in the Senate awaits action in committee.

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The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act Clears House Committee