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Sportsmen Opting for Camo-Themed Caskets

Sacred Funeral Caskets

When it's time to go, tell them you want to go in camo. 

If you are like me, then you probably wear camo at inappropriate times. I have a black coat with camo on the shoulders that I like to wear out and about despite the less-than-thrilled looks that I get from my wife. However, wearing camo to a funeral is just a little out of my realm of comfort. Luckily for me, when it's a true outdoorsman's time to go, they can opt for camo-themed caskets and be the star of the show.

According to the original story, Hall Caskets, of Shreveport Louisiana, has been making camo-themed caskets designed for the true outdoorsman in the family and making them at a pretty high clip. They make varying sizes to accommodate larger sportsmen, as well as allowing options for stitching in nicknames to adding an optional gun rack.

Okay, I already know what you are thinking. Camo-themed caskets sound like something from a "Saturday Night Live" skit to me too. Well, here's a video to prove this is all a real thing,

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According to Don Hall, the owner of Hall Caskets and 40-year-veteran to the casket trades said:

It really gets popular this time of year -- during hunting season -- from September to February. The sales of this have picked up even more since the announcement of the Duck Commander supporting the Independence Bowl. We just recently carried two to Alexandria (La). We have it at some funeral homes on display for people to see

All this seems a little much for me to handle, but if I died tomorrow and found myself planted in a camo casket, I would go to Heaven knowing that my family loved me.

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Sportsmen Opting for Camo-Themed Caskets