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Sportsmen Group Looking to Make Browns Canyon a National Monument [VIDEO]

Browns Canyon, in the heart of Colorado, is a sportsmen’s dream destination.

Browns Canyon stretches from Buena Vista to Salida, Colorado along the Arkansas River. It has remained a favorite destination for hunters, anglers and paddlers for generations, but that may be in danger of changing.

This video from  and the WildernessSociety YouTube channel highlights the best of what it has to offer.

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According to Midcurrent Fly Fishingthe Sportsmen for Browns Canyon campaign has been initiated to help protect the area through National Monument status. Recent filings for mining operations are threatening the Gold Medal fishery and other wildlife, and if they aren’t stopped or at least restricted, Browns may never be the same.

Sportsmen for Browns launched a new website and hopes to draw attention and support for what’s going on. Colorado Sen. Mark Udall has introduced legislation to give the canyon monument status, and hopes the 22,000-acre backcountry area and its various uses will be protected with its passing.

A mining ban that expired in 2011 opened the opportunity for gold extractors to move in, which could damage the wildlife habitat in Browns.

You can join the growing group of individuals and organizations that support Sportsmen for Browns by visiting their site.

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Sportsmen Group Looking to Make Browns Canyon a National Monument [VIDEO]