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The Sportsman’s Field Tool Is the Ultimate Fish and Small Game Cleaning Tool

Are you a small game hunter, wingshooter, or angler? The Sportsman’s Field Tool is about to make your life a lot easier.

Cleaning fish, small game and birds in the field can be a tedious process that requires multiple tools. Wouldn’t it be nice to have every item you needed in one multi-tool that could fit right in your pocket?

That was the thought inventor Chris Chavez had in mind when he hatched the idea for the Sportsman’s Field Tool, a stainless steel, foldable device that houses the five most common cleaning tools for fish, birds and small game.

The Sportsman’s Field Tool contains five essential cleaning tools:


Chavez drew on his own experiences as a hunter and angler and his observations of other sportsmen’s experience to create the Sportsman’s Field Tool.

“Watching how things were done when they were cleaning an animal… it was always a lengthy process, and gathering all this equipment up just to cut it up and trim it up and get the meat. When I put the Sportsman’s Field Tool together, I was keeping all of that in mind, so that it can be re-sharpened and reused over and over again,” said Chavez.

What is it that makes this a must-have for sportsmen? In our opinion, multi-tools often include features that simply aren’t needed when it comes time to clean and prepare fish, birds and small game. Multi-tools are often designed for mechanics, repairmen and other folks, but not necessarily a hunter or angler.

Sure, a Phillips head screwdriver could be needed while fishing or hunting, but there are plenty of things we can think of that would better serve the purpose. The Sportsman’s Field Tool puts all of those things in one place, and eliminates the chances of losing or forgetting an essential item in the field.

“It’s made so that you can use it, wash it off, and store it,” added Chavez. “We wanted to keep it clean and simple.”

Sportsman's Field Tool

The Sportsman’s Field Tool is especially handy for bird hunters, as the sharp shears can simplify the burden of the deboning process. With bird hunting seasons opening in a couple months, we think wingshooters will find the Sportsman’s Field Tool a very handy addition to their gear packs.

To see the Sportsman’s Field Tool in action, check out this quick spot.

The Sportsman’s Field Tool is available online for $29.99

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The Sportsman’s Field Tool Is the Ultimate Fish and Small Game Cleaning Tool