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The Sportsman's 5 Stages of Hunting: Which One Are You In? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The sportsman's 5 stages of hunting is a recent study done on all the different stages hunters go through. What stage are you at in your hunting journey?

There are certainly different types of hunters. There are the hardcore fanatics and Sunday hunters who simply want to get outside and enjoy the weather. One is not necessarily better than the other, but the goals, gear, and words of wisdom are different. Check out this infographic to see what stage of hunting you might align with.

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5 stages of hunting


Hunters certainly need to unite and not criticize other types of hunters, but this infographic is interesting. It is actually based on a study by The University of Calgary.

The study found that not all hunters go through these stages, or go through them in that particular order. If hunters hunt different types of species they also may be in a different stage for different species. But hunting is a life-long evolution and almost all hunters go through these stages at some point in their hunting development.

What hunting stage are you in?


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The Sportsman's 5 Stages of Hunting: Which One Are You In? [INFOGRAPHIC]