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Sportsman Tracker: The New Predictor App Every Outdoorsman Needs [PICS]

Sportsman Tracker is more than a predictor; it's a community. 

Sportsman Tracker is a new app and website that helps hunters and fishermen find more success in the field with ultra-accurate predictions. But it is more than that; it is a community.

I caught up with Jeff Courter, founder of Sportsman Tracker, to learn a little bit more about this successful tool.


Sportsman Tracker is a combination of the company's former venture Hunt Predictor and new logging and community features.

Hunt Predictor uses eight factors, including the solunar calender, weather variables, and location, to predict wildlife movement. These predictions are then calculated in a learning algorithm to provide sportsmen with the most accurate forecast that technology can provide.

Jeff and his team at Sportsman Tracker are all dedicated hunters and anglers who saw a problem in the sports world. So many outdoorsmen head to retail stores and spend their money on too much gear and then wonder why they aren't successful.

We realized money didn't determine success; tracking animal movement is more beneficial to the hunter than a coat.

Sportsman Tracker was born.

The Experience

When someone signs up for Sportsman Tracker, for free, they have access to log information about their hunt, scout the location they are hunting with Google Earth, and follow other sportsmen.

The user will receive the prediction, in an alert if they want, then they log their hunt, and, ideally, share. Sportsman Tracker also compiles area and state regulations.





The app officially launched in January after the company seed-funded a million dollars. They already have several hundred thousand sportsmen who have signed up, and the Sportsman Tracker community is growing every day.

Jeff realizes that many traditional hunters and anglers want to keep technology out of their sport and don't even want to bring their phone to their stand or boat. But many sportsmen log their hunts or fishing spots, so those sportsmen who don't want to rely on predictions can use Sportsman Tracker to simply keep track of their locations and species.


Jeff is a passionate sportsman who grew up loving and respecting the outdoors. He stresses that, for him, hunting and fishing isn't about the trophy, or the success, but it is about being surrounded "by God's creations that is so valuable."

To Jeff, being in the outdoors is almost spiritual and, in the end, success is irrelevant.

Sportsman Tracker is not just a predictor. It is an app that will hopefully get people outdoors and keep the sportsman tradition alive.

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Sportsman Tracker: The New Predictor App Every Outdoorsman Needs [PICS]