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Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition Features Bikini Model Wearing Sailfish

That's one way to use a sailfish.

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition features a scantily-clad bikini model wearing a dead sailfish like a scarf. The unusual image has been making the rounds on the web, and has drawn criticism from both Field and Stream and Marlin Magazine.


Dave Ferrell, the editor of Marlin Magazine, wrote a recent op-ed piece that described the bikini model wearing sailfish picture as being potentially offensive to sailfish anglers. Here's an excerpt from the article.

"First, it was nearly naked women that angered some of the public. Sport's Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition seems to be well past that, and now, a new audience could be outraged."

Another excerpt:

"Some of the general public, possibly Sports Illustrated, may just look at this sail and think it's a smelly dead fish - no skin off their back. We hope that the next time Sports Illustrated releases its swimsuit issue, it gives more thought to its prop choices. No dead fish, no dead animals and certainly not one that is being used as a fashion accessory."

It's worth noting that sailfish are not an endangered or vulnerable species. In fact, they are abundant throughout their range, and their populations are considered stable, according to National Geographic.

We have a hunch the image was photoshopped. It looks like it's at least 70-80 pounds, and seems like it's resting in an unnatural position on her shoulders. Either way, it's a striking image to say the least.

What do you think of this image? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition Features Bikini Model Wearing Sailfish