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Sporting Clays Tip: Three-Bullet Drill Helps Improve Accuracy [VIDEO]

three bullet drill

This three-bullet drill will help sporting-clay shooters prepare for fast clay targets or birds next season.

You've heard it before: practice makes perfect. During the offseason, it's important to prepare yourself for situations you could encounter while in a sporting clay competition or while pheasant, grouse or duck hunting. You need to be comfortable shooting from multiple positions at birds or clay pigeons moving in multiple directions. More importantly, this needs to be an automatic reflex that engages muscle memory. The less you have to think about the shot, the more time you have to pull it off.

This video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) illustrates what the instructors of OSP Shooting School call the three-bullet drill, but you can use any three objects you have available to you.

It aims to help you develop your target acquisition reflex while mounting your shotgun, and ultimately make you a more efficient hunter.

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As the video demonstrates, this three-bullet drill should help you to quickly target your bird or clay pigeon while allowing you ample lead distance. As the instructors mention in the video (and as a matter of basic firearm safety), always ensure your shotgun is empty while practicing this drill. You're not firing at anything. You're developing your body's proper target acquisition and mounting reflex.

The most difficult part of the three-bullet drill is getting used to looking across your shotgun, so to say. It's often very counterintuitive and feels unnatural, so this skill will likely take the longest to acquire. Once it feels natural, you can head to the nearest shooting range or gun club and practice with clay pigeons.

Get comfortable shooting at targets going from left to right and vice versa. It will pay dividends next bird season or in your next competition.

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Sporting Clays Tip: Three-Bullet Drill Helps Improve Accuracy [VIDEO]