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Officials Enact Sportfishing Ban in Parts of British Columbia

CBC News

A sportfishing ban is in effect from July 22 to September 30 for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The newest fishing ban for the South Coast covers most of the rivers and streams in regions south of Toba Inlet to the U.S. border.

Some of the larger rivers and streams are exempt from the fishing ban, because the recreational fishing activities in these waterways seem sustainable.

Biologists from B.C. government fisheries are closely monitoring 40 other popular angling streams, including the ones currently exempt. If the weather stays hot and dry, more closures are possible.

Much of the province is experiencing a drought after an unseasonably hot summer and very little rain. With water temperatures rising and water levels decreasing, officials are concerned about the fish.

Conservationists and angling associations called for a fishing ban earlier to protect salmon, steelhead, and trout. Reports from anglers indicated the fish were so stressed, they did not survive after being released.

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Officials Enact Sportfishing Ban in Parts of British Columbia