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Could a Spoon Save You from a Speeding Bullet?

Ever wondered what would happen if you shot a spoon with a pistol?

Probably not, let’s be honest. You might need more hobbies, but in the off-chance you have, you’re in luck.

The guys at DemolitionRanch took up another challenge from a viewer. They pitted a .22 pistol against a few different types of utensils, from spoons to cast iron pans. You don’t want to miss the surprising results.

Were you surprised that the fancy “Olive Garden spoon” stopped the bullet fairly effectively? I was. I was also blown away that the .22 bullet punched through the cast iron pan, simply because .22 isn’t the most powerful ammo on the market by any means.

Granted, this probably has next to zero application in real life. How likely are you to actually stop a bullet even assuming you have a cast iron pan sitting next to you? The outlook not so good, but if you have to worry about someone busting into your kitchen and needing a spoon to stop flying bullets, well, you should probably find a new neighborhood. But this sure looks like a fun experiment.

The Demolition Ranch crew specializes in testing out absurd theories and trying out some seriously fun firearms. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

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Could a Spoon Save You from a Speeding Bullet?