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Spokane Man Attempts to Pet Bull Moose in Cemetery, Big Trouble Ensues


A Washington man was arrested on assault and drug charges after trying to pet a bull moose in a cemetery in Spokane over the weekend. 

On Sunday, a bull moose wandered into the Holy Cross Cemetery, attracting a crowd of onlookers. According to KXYL, Wildlife officers arrived on the scene and tried to disperse the crowd. Most everyone was cooperative. Everyone except for Joshua Patterson.

Patterson, 33, tried to pet the moose even after officers ordered him not to. When an officer told Patterson he was under arrest, he refused to comply. Instead, he blew smoke in the officer’s face, hit her arm, stole her taser, and ran away.

He didn’t get far. A short time later, cops took Patterson into custody. Patterson had illegal prescription drugs on him, so he was hit with both drug and assault charges. He’s being held on a $10,000 bond.

As for the moose, wildlife officers managed to tranquilize and relocate it to a nearby county.

While it might seem like the consequences of Patterson’s actions couldn’t be any worse, consider what might have happened had he actually petted the bull moose. He’d probably be minced meat right now.

Please, don’t pet the moose.

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Spokane Man Attempts to Pet Bull Moose in Cemetery, Big Trouble Ensues