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The Spoils of Winter Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

This Saskatchewan hunter bags a big-bodied buck in extreme winter deer hunting conditions.

Saskatchewan Canada is known for big and antlered bucks, but it is also know for extreme conditions for winter deer hunting. Check out this dedicated deer hunter out on the second to last day of the hunt in -11.2 degrees Fahrenheit winter lockdown.

He passes on some smaller deer and takes a dandy buck with a shotgun slug from a tree stand in frigid winter temperatures while rattling antlers and using a grunt tube.

I hunted late bow season last year, and when the snow was on the ground I had tons of deer activity around my deer blind. When it's this cold, the deer are really moving and actively feeding in daylight to put that last bit of weight on before yarding up until spring.

That's a great demonstration on the effectiveness of rattling and using a grunt tube. For those of us who live in more northern climates, don't let the conditions stop your winter deer  hunting.

Be prepared and get out in those final days of the season; you will likely get a chance at some great deer.

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The Spoils of Winter Deer Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada