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Split Wood Faster with a Cross-Bladed Axe [VIDEO]

This cross-bladed axe is patent pending and awesome.

Imagine splitting firewood for your camp or home in half the time. That's exactly what this cross-bladed axe allows you to do.

Watch the video to see this tool in action.

The cross-bladed axe looks like it would work best on small and straight-grained pieces of firewood (can you imagine sinking that thing into a big, gnarly oak log?). However, for cutting camp wood or quartering  logs up to 18 inches, the cross-bladed axe looks like a real time saver.

You can make your own cross-bladed axe by cutting an axe head in two and welding it to the sides of another axe. I'd have to give this thing a try before becoming a total believer, but anything that makes camp life easier is okay in my book.


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Split Wood Faster with a Cross-Bladed Axe [VIDEO]