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Spirit of the Traditional Log Cabin [PICS]

The classic log cabin is the symbol of the great outdoors and the deep wilderness.

Check out these pictures of some traditional cabins that tug at the heartstrings of us woodsy people.

How about a really old-school cabin replica at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania?



How about a pre-built cabin ready to be your vacation home?

20x24-pioneer-supreme-log-cabin (1)
Wayside Lawn Structures


How about a real old-school cabin that has witnessed centuries pass?

Appalachian Woods


This little backcountry cabin is just what the doctor ordered!

2020 Site


The in-laws’ vacation cabin. It doubles as a chicken coop or a dog house, depending on owner’s choice!



Then there is the estate cabin. All luxury! 

Plans House

There’s nothing like a secluded cabin in the woods to escape to.

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Spirit of the Traditional Log Cabin [PICS]