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The Spiral-Barreled Rifle, Or Why You Should Get Twisted

The LWRC R.E.P.R., Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle, is the Cadillac choice when looking for a blend of rifle configurations.

The REPR combines three rifles into one platform: bolt action, semi auto carbine, and precision rifle all together create one ultimate designated marksman package.

Beginning with the very noticeable spiral fluted barrel, the REPR offers two combinations of 16 or 20 inches. Barrel twist rate is 1:10. For those that don't understand what barrel twist rate is, this means that the bullet will turn one full rotation once every 10 inches. In order to get two solid rotations, you would want to get the 20-inch barrel configuration.

The LWRC offers settings for suppressors, semi auto, and gas shut-off. When the gas system is turned off, the REPR turns into a bolt action platform. The side-charging handle is very effective to maintain shooting posture. When configured with the 20-inch barrel, this platform is very effective to 1,000 yards, with 175 gr .308 ammo.

The REPR also comes with Magpul furniture on the grip and buttstock. The finish is anodized aluminum, however the option to upgrade to earth-toned Cerakote colors is available, as well.

Iron sights are installed on the rifle, and there's plenty of room within the rail system to add more optics upgrades such as scopes and lasers. Considering that this rifle can be a quick sniper rifle, the option to add a bipod is also a smart idea.

This rifle would be best suited for the shooter that has use for a rifle that can be a long distance rifle with close quarter maneuverability. The rifle does come with a premium price tag of about $2,800. The price of the rifle will technically be offset as you're getting three rifles in one.

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The Spiral-Barreled Rifle, Or Why You Should Get Twisted