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Spinning Reels: Less Cursing, More Fishing [VIDEO]

Woo Daves knows a thing or two about slinging spinning reels in pursuit of fish.

He fishes for a living and has some tips on getting better performance out of your spinning rig.

In this video posted by Bass Pro Shops , Woo describes spinning woes and simple ways to make your time with a spinning rig more productive. Line twist and basic mechanics of using a spinning reel are covered. With a stern warning, Woo explains the importance of manually flipping the bail instead of using the reel to engage it.

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You have quality spinning reels. You have your hooks sharpened. You have the latest lure with holographic designs and artificial intelligence life-like action. You are going to load up the boat with fish, right? Maybe not if you don’t consider the most important link between you and that lunker: the line and how it performs on your reel is what brings the fish to you and shortly thereafter posted on Facebook.

The spinning reel can be just the ticket when light line fishing is warranted and getting underneath a shady boat dock is your goal. It can also be a nightmare when repeated line tangles send your vocabulary in a downward spiral of obscenity.

I have been guilty of these simple mistakes and will make it a point to follow his advice in the future. Hopefully, I will clean up my vocabulary as well and not embarrass my fishing buddies with the benefits of professional advice.

Have you cursed your fishing gear lately? Let us know in the comments section below! Make use of the tips described above to keep your favorite reel spinning smoothly with strong self esteem!

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Spinning Reels: Less Cursing, More Fishing [VIDEO]