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Spike Elk Nearly Walks into Handheld Camera Phone [VIDEO]

Idaho spike elk gets up close and personal when he nearly walks into handheld camera phone.

Game cameras have become an elite industry on their own. These cameras allow hunters to see what type of action there hunting grounds are getting when the hunter isn’t around. That’s all well and good, but nothing beats capturing a live action shot of an elk with a camera phone.

Apparently, a couple of hunters were on a scouting trip in Idaho attempting to call in a big bull elk. Instead of calling the bull elk in close, they were able to lure this spike elk, who nearly walks into the hunter’s handheld camera phone.

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Can you believe how close it got? He gets spooked and then comes back to investigate.

The guy is lucky the spike elk didn’t decide to charge!

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Spike Elk Nearly Walks into Handheld Camera Phone [VIDEO]