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Spiders Turn Texas Suburb into Horror Movie [VIDEO]


If you have arachnophobia, you may not want to visit this Texas town right now.

Like a scene from a horror flick, residents of Rowlett, Texas have recently witnessed a stretch of trees being overtaken by spiders. The spider webs aren’t draped across just a couple of trees, either. We’re talking webs the length of a football field.

What’s going on here? Is this the new set for a sequel to “Arachnophobia” from the ’90s? Check out the amazing footage below.

Let’s get this straight. Thousands of spiders all working together to cover the trees of a suburban park in spooky-looking webs. If that doesn’t sound like a horror movie, then I would be the world’s worst (and most bankrupt) movie producer.

But on a serious note, this remarkable phenomenon may be very beneficial for residents of Rowlett. After all, with that sheer amount of spider web in the air, think of how many thousands, if not millions, of flies and mosquitoes are being captured?

Mike Merchant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban entomologist, commented,

These types of spiders are unusual in that they are not aggressive to other spiders of the same species on the same web. They also are not known to bite or be harmful to humans…Someone stepping off the road for a closer look will see thousands of lanky spiders darting among the webs that extend up to 40 feet into the trees.

Though these giant webs are still rare, they’re not altogether unprecedented. In 2007, the spiders had a similar appearance only 35 miles from Rowlett. The spiders from that event were identified as Tetragnatha guatemalensis, which are known to build communal nests. Merchant continued,

But it is rare to see them building such large nests in the U.S. Spider experts have indicated that those ‘right conditions’ appear to include a glut of small insects like midges that emerge at night from lakes. Without lots of food, these communal webs just don’t seem to form.

So if you’re not deathly afraid of spiders, this eerie-looking event is actually a good thing.

And you have to admit, nature has some pretty amazing surprises for us.

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Spiders Turn Texas Suburb into Horror Movie [VIDEO]