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Scary Spider Dog Gives People the Creeps [VIDEO]

Hunters aren’t usually the type to play dress up with their dogs. However, the results of this spider dog are too funny to miss.

In this video from YouTube user SA Wardega, a dressed up dog scares the daylights out of some people. The dog is dressed as a giant spider and hides in some unexpected places in order to scare some innocent bystanders. Whenever the dressed up dog emerges, anyone who sees him immediately jumps back in fright and starts running.

The fight or flight instinct really kicks in and everyone in this video choose flight. Some of the set-ups include other giant spider related items that really get the bystanders worked up before the dog finally makes an appearance.

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The dressed up dog makes a pretty convincing giant spider. When the dog runs out of hiding, his fake legs are moving just like a real spider’s legs would and that seems to be enough to send most of these people running.

It really is a hilarious prank and just goes to show you to always expect the unexpected.

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Scary Spider Dog Gives People the Creeps [VIDEO]