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Spider Crab Pyramid Will Blow. Your. Mind. [VIDEO]

Is there any reason to fear the spider crab pyramid? Doesn’t matter, it’s still creepy.

Since underwater camera technology became a mainstay, we’re often blown away on a weekly basis by some video we see showing us yet another part of that world that we’ve never seen before.

Filmed in Australia, this spider crab pyramid fits nicely into that space, giving us some jaw-dropping visuals and a serious case of ‘What the— ?’ syndrome.

You know you’re going to see that in your dreams tonight…

The blog had more, and they seem to believe this was a mating pyramid, essentially a way to employ the “safety in numbers” strategy while these spider crabs tend to something just slightly more important than self-defense: reproduction.

Spider crabs are known for their epic annual migrations, in which they molt, mate, and move huge distances in numbers topping the tens of thousands.

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Spider Crab Pyramid Will Blow. Your. Mind. [VIDEO]