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Sphinx Pistols Will Make You Think Twice

Sphinx Pistols are making a name for themselves.

Switzerland is well known for some things -- watches, chocolate, being neutral - but, generally speaking, guns aren't the first things that pop to mind when discussing this small country.

The last gun to come out of Switzerland that some Americans are familiar with is their old, bizarre, straight-pull military-issue rifles that they sloughed off on the U.S. shooting market some years ago.

While these rifles were pretty affordable, they didn't exactly make the best impression, but a lot has changed since the 7.5mm Swiss came down the pipe. These days the Swiss are making some really cool stuff under the banner of an outfit called KRISS, and their products will change the way you think about Swiss guns.

This year KRISS was nice enough to invite a number of gun writers down to a private shooting range during SHOT Show to let us check out some of their new products.

The main reason I went to their event was to take apart one of their odd little sub-guns to figure out how it worked, but while I was there they also offered to let me shoot their SPHINX line of semi-automatic pistols.

Now, I'm no stranger to 9mm autos -- for the most part, I find them a little boring -- but hey, free ammo to shoot. It was a big sacrifice on my part, but I agreed to blaze away with some of their guns.

One of my fellow writers and I were ushered into a couple of private shooting lanes and a nice Swiss gentleman explained the pistols to us with a special focus on which end was the dangerous one; I got the sense that not everyone who had talked their way into shooting free guns that day really knew what they were doing.

To begin with, I didn't have much interest in the SPHINX because they feature just about everything I don't really care for in a semi-auto. By and large, decockers and double-action triggers that have to be "staged or prepped" just aren't what I look for.

Shooting the SPHINX has changed that opinion for me.

I rattled off rounds from the sub-compact, compact and standard models and with each size I ended up producing ragged, one-hole groups. The accuracy that SPHINX pistols are capable is absolutely freakish.

While accuracy is important, the really amazing thing about the SHPINX pistols is their ergonomics. Thanks to some very careful design points, it is almost impossible to hold these guns incorrectly while you're firing them.

This leads to consistency and great groups, even if you've just picked one up. The groups produced by my fellow writer, who doesn't spend much time shooting semi-autos, were impressive and well within the limits of rabbit hunting accuracy.

Like many foreign-made guns, finding a SPHINX to check out might not be easy, but their website has a dealer list which can get you started. If you've never had a semi-auto you're truly sweet on, a little hunting around for one of these Swiss shooters would be well worth your time.

They're not cheap, but in terms of accuracy, tight tolerances and perfect ergonomics there probably isn't an American pistol on the market right now that can match them.


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Sphinx Pistols Will Make You Think Twice