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Spectre II Take Down Survival Bow: Gimmick or Useful Hunting Tool?

Should the Spectre II survival bow find its way to your bug out bag, or find its way to the door?

Survivalists across America need certain things from their kits. Many seek to include elements of Dave Canterbury's 5 C's of survival; a cutting tool, a device for combustion, a covering of some sort, a container, and a good deal of cordage. These are the just the basics and are difficult or time consuming to recreate in the wild.

After these five basic elements, what a person chooses to pack is largely personal. At some point, including a device to help you obtain food would become important. This is where the Spectre II survival bow enters the picture.

The Spectre II survival bow was designed by Xpectre to fit the needs of people who want a super light and compact bow for their backwoods kit. It is a bow that easily breaks down for transport, yet boasts to have the killing power needed to see you through a long term survival situation.

If you are interested in the Spectre II, getting a survival bow, or just find this stuff interesting, check out this video review of the product.

So the question remains; is this legitimate survival bow or a mall gimmick?

I think it depends on what you're looking for. If you want a weapon that is light, portable, and capable of doing some hunting this might be a bow for you. It surely seems capable of being an adequate weapon in a pinch.

On the other hand, there are a few things about this bow that just don't sit well with me. For starters the arrow rest doesn't look like something I would want on a bow of mine. Secondly the bow seems to be pretty loud. It is often hard to tell the noise of a bow through video, but this bow sounds like it could be quieter. From a hunter's perspective, a bow that is not accurate and noisy isn't a bow I would take afield especially if I had a lot riding on it.

At the end of the day I could very well see the Spectre II survival bow finding a home in lots of folk's kit. It absolutely could be a weapon you could use to secure meat if need be. On the other hand if I was heading into a situation where I knew I'd need to hunt for food, you would definitely find my Bear Montana Longbow or Bear Agenda in my hand. They are proven hunting tools and are designed for one thing; hunting.

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Spectre II Take Down Survival Bow: Gimmick or Useful Hunting Tool?