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Spearfishing World Record Striped Marlin 300 Miles From Land [VIDEO]


He shot, battled and landed a world record 304-pound marlin while freediving.

Nat Davey from New Zealand holds the spearfishing world record striped marlin with a 303.8-pound giant.

This is the edited video of Davey's shooting and battle with the marlin, and a dramatic film it is.

Davey targets the marlin, shoots it the first time in the tail and gets dragged by the fish for who knows how long or how far. He then continues to move himself closer along the line to the big fish, and later shoots it again.

When he dispatches the marlin it creates a massive blood cloud in the water as he finally swims it to the boat.

I continue to be amazed, impressed and entranced by the skill of ocean hunters like Davey, and the mysterious and wonderful environment in which they pursue their prey.

Davey and crew were over 300 nautical miles from the nearest land during the hunt.

Notes by the diver who followed Davey:

Some great perspective with Nat's head-cam footage and my external footage... once I could keep up with him. Nat has been awared the IUSA open World Record for striped marlin at 137.8KG [303.8 pounds]! The fish was smoked and shared, it provided meals for a lot of people.

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Spearfishing World Record Striped Marlin 300 Miles From Land [VIDEO]