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Spearfishing with Valentine Thomas on Ascension Island [VIDEO]

Filmed in January 2013, this video stars Valentine Thomas on a blue water and inshore fishing adventure near Ascension Island. 

Ascension Island is a remote place located between South America and Africa, but that didn't stop Valentine Thomas from going there to fish.

Watch this clip of Valentine Thomas, the spearfishing huntress, doing what she does best in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Valentine Thomas knows how to spearfish and even if she can't find fish to spear, she simply loves the adventure.

In the video she said, "We haven't seen a single fish the entire day, so we're just enjoying ourselves on the deck, and getting a bit of a tan."

So if you're not getting any bites on your next adventure, remember what Valentine Thomas says: You should love the journey even if it doesn't end with a ton of fish in your boat.

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Spearfishing with Valentine Thomas on Ascension Island [VIDEO]