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Spearfishing For Cobia Among Bull Sharks

Spearfishing is intense enough, but what happens when you add in other predators like bull sharks as additional obstacles?

If you want to catch Cobia, you have to go to them. This video will make you want to try it out and experience the adventure.

Cobia are known by many names including lemonfish, black salmon and black kingfish. Whatever there local name one thing is for sure, they are a blast to spearfish. The only catch is that they like to hang out with sharks.

Granted you can find them tagging along with turtles and manta rays as well, but for a fish that is primarily a scavenger a shark is the best bet for food.

Cobia are relatively large marine fish. They can grow as big as 78 inches and weigh up to 170 pounds. They can be found in tropical waters around the world except when migrating for the summer to more northern climates.

Cobia love to hang around sharks because of their scavenger lifestyle and sharks tend to leave a trail of food to follow.  This relationship gives a chance for the brave spearfisherman to have an adventure and grab some food at the same time.



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Spearfishing For Cobia Among Bull Sharks