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Spearfishing With Bull Sharks: Thrilling or Completely Insane? [VIDEO]

Spearfishing with bull sharks is exciting, but extremely dangerous.

The spearfishing club at Florida Atlantic University recently sent us the video below, which shows the clubs’ members spearfishing for bull sharks and cobia in the Atlantic.

The footage is thrilling, to say the least. The divers come face to face with several bull sharks while hunting for cobia.

It’s also kind of insane.

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Bull sharks are highly unpredictable and aggressive predators. Most divers try to avoid them for those two reasons.

Bulls won’t attack humans unless they feel provoked or sense disturbances in the water. Spear shots create vibrations in the water that can upset sharks, and the blood from wounded fish can excite them.

In a way, spearfishing among bull sharks is a recipe for disaster. But it looks like it’s awfully exciting.

None of these spearfishmern were hurt in the video, and as far as we know none have been attacked on previous dives. But other spearfishermen have.

Always exercise extreme caution among these top predators.

What do you think about spearfishing with bull sharks? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

Featured image via YouTube

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Spearfishing With Bull Sharks: Thrilling or Completely Insane? [VIDEO]