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Shark Stalks Spearfisherman and His Black Marlin Catch [VIDEO]

A hunter trails a black marlin, but finds himself or his prey being stalked by a larger hunter; a shark.

How’d you like to make a good hit on a whitetail or mule deer, begin tracking it, and then suddenly spot a large mountain lion circling your position?

That’s how I, somewhat of a landlubber, viewed the underwater situation shown here. Except in this scenario, the hunter has speared a nice black marlin and is trailing it and wearing it down, when he notices a large shark appearing and reappearing beneath him.

One moment especially stands out. That is when, after more than ten minutes (elapsed time) of following the marlin, the diver fires a second spear into the fish. He sees the shark, and realizes the the marlin is dragging him right into the shark’s path.

He surfaces and yells to the boat, “Shark! Shark! Shark!” and that he’s all out of “guns” or spears.

Everything turns out alright and the marlin is landed.

And no divers were eaten during the making of this video!

marlin II.jpg

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Shark Stalks Spearfisherman and His Black Marlin Catch [VIDEO]