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Spearfishing in the Bahamas: Life in Blue’s Latest, ‘Back in the Islands’ [VIDEO]

This compilation of spearfishing action filmed in the Bahamas is well put together, and this young group of guys continues to impress.

Life in Blue is a team of youth free divers, based out of Fort Lauderdale, who specialize in spearfishing. They are on a mission to catch giant fish and bring the action to you.

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The soundtrack grabs you right off the bat, and gorgeous underwater images of sea turtles, lobsters and big game fish follow. When it comes to spearfishing, these guys know what they’re doing.

Watch as the underwater action unfolds in the beautiful Bahamas.


I first found out about these guys on Facebook after someone shared some of their pics on my page. Then I found their videos on YouTube. And there are a load of them. The group is on a mission to slay giant sea monsters and I know I’ll be following their progress.

One of the team, Greyson Dixon, caught an African pompano that barely missed being a world record a short while back. They weren’t able to get the fish to certified scales before it lost a few precious ounces on ice. However, the catch was noteworthy, especially for a teen.

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These guys are definitely worth paying attention to. You can follow their exciting adventures on YoTube under Life in Blue.

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Spearfishing in the Bahamas: Life in Blue’s Latest, ‘Back in the Islands’ [VIDEO]