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Spearfishing 101: Here’s What Andrew Ucles Says You Should Do [VIDEO]

Tired of the same boring fishing techniques? Check out this wild how to spearfish video.

Watch Andrew Ucles catch fish the old OLD fashioned way – with a spear and his bare hands. Talk about back to the basics!

In this fascinating sequence, Andrew teaches anglers how to spearfish in just a few easy steps.


Let’s review some of the main takeaways:

What is spearfishing?

Spearfishing is a type fishing that’s been here since ancient times, and has been used by hunters and anglers for many centuries. Early civilizations fished with sharpened sticks, whereas today elastic-powered spearguns and slings, or compressed gas pneumatic-powered spearguns, are used to catch that perfect fish.

Why spearfish?

Simply put, spearfishing should be the choice method of catching fish, as the angler is able to size up the fish before it is shot. That’s why spearfishing essentially has no by-catch, which is the non-targeted fish that are caught as a result of other fishing methods.

Who is Andrew Ucles? 

Andrew Ucles is an amazingly eccentric adventurer from Australia with an insatiable thirst for learning about and catching creatures in the wild, often using the most simple and primitive methods. He’s caught some of the world’s most dangerous wildlife barehanded – snakes, rabbits, boar, goats, kangaroos, spiders, foxes, deer, and crocodiles.

Andrew has recently been signed to Discovery International and his Youtube Channel is full of nonstop thrills and chills with over half a million followers.

Legal Considerations

As always, check with your local laws regarding spearfishing.

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Spearfishing 101: Here’s What Andrew Ucles Says You Should Do [VIDEO]