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Spear Fishermen Capture Hair-Raising Shark Footage [VIDEO]

A tiger shark stalks two scuba spear fishermen and gets a little too close for comfort in this shark video from Australia.

The video was posted in mid-January to YouTube. According to the description, the spear fishermen were scuba diving somewhere in the Coral Sea off the coast of northwest Australia.

The incredible video is filmed from the perspective of one of the spear fishermen underwater.

The shark video starts with a glimpse of the tiger shark swimming up from the depths. The spear fishermen who's filming the encounter appears to be about 20 feet underwater when the shark approaches him.

As the diver is swimming up to the surface, he points his spear gun at the tiger shark, which gets a little too close for comfort.

Once he reaches the surface, we see his fellow spear fishermen come into view and point his gun at the tiger shark. Luckily the men make it back into their dinghy before the tiger shark attacked.

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Tiger sharks are among the most dangerous sharks in the world, and have been a growing cause of concern in Australia. The country recently began a controversial shark culling program to protect spear fishermen like these gents, as well as beachgoers, surfers and swimmers.

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Spear Fishermen Capture Hair-Raising Shark Footage [VIDEO]