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This Reef Shark Attack Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping [VIDEO]

A spearfisherman fights off an aggressive reef shark attack in this white-knuckle GoPro video.

Spearfisherman Jason Dimitri captured the hair-raising footage earlier this month while fishing for lionfish in the Western Caribbean Sea. Dimitri had just speared a lionfish when a reef shark ambushed him out of the blue. His reflexes and adrenaline kicked into high gear, and he was able to land some quick jabs with his speargun in the brazen fish.

But the shark was persistent and chased Dimtiri all the way back up to the surface. It didn't give him much of a break along the way.

Check out the video to see the reef shark attack through his own eyes.

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He said he feels no ill will towards the shark. All things considered, he was in the shark's domain, and it probably caught the scent of the speared lionfish's blood.

"The shark was acting in his natural environment," Dimitri said in the video's description. "I have no ill will towards him and will get back in the water and continue to protect the reef for future generations."

As one YouTube user commented, "He's lucky it was just a reef shark."

The spearfisherman was culling lionfish, an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific region that are wreaking havoc on Caribbean reefs. Lionfish are venomous fish that have voracious appetites and rapidly reproduce.

How many times will you rewatch that video? Have you seen a more intense shark video? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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This Reef Shark Attack Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping [VIDEO]