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Florida Spearfisherman Encounters Great White Shark [VIDEO]

A man spearfishing off the coast of Port Canaveral, Florida found he was more prey than hunter after a close confrontation with a great white shark.

Zack Spurlock was diving on May 2 with his daughter and a friend, Joe Penovich, when he spotted a prowling 12-foot great white shark from afar.

Rather than bail out of the water as soon as possible, Spurlock surfaced to request Penovich hand him a GoPro from the boat. As he prepared to descend once more, Spurlock found he had lost sight of the shark. If you’ve seen enough horror movies, you know what happens next.

The shark suddenly appeared behind him.

With his friend and daughters warning him of the predator’s surprise appearance, Spurlock was able to film the beast hiding in his blind spot. Throughout the dive, Spurlock struggles to keep the GoPro steady, attributing the shaky cam to a combination of nerves and being laden with a heavy spear and a sack of lionfish.

At one point, the shark appears to head towards Spurlock and the view jolts downward as he makes the wise decision to keep his spear rather than the camera trained on the potential threat.

Fortunately for Spurlock, the great white seemed either intimidated by his quarry’s bravado, or wholly disinterested, and chooses to withdraw, circling the spearfisherman for a few moments more before skulking away into the shadows.

Spurlock makes his own hasty retreat to the boat, thrilled by his experience, but happy to finally be out of Jaws’ reach.


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Florida Spearfisherman Encounters Great White Shark [VIDEO]