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Spearfishermen Catches Potential World Record Cobia

A crew of Brazilian spearfishermen caught what might be a new world record cobia for spearfishing earlier this month.

Spearfishermen Marcelo "Mello" Lobato,Cyrus Bravin and Gabriel Santana caught the potential record cobia while scuba spearfishing 50 miles off the coast of Marataizes, Brazil.


They were diving near an 85-foot-deep pipe which fell from an ocean cargo ship and is known among locals for being a popular hangout for large cobia. Bravin was 30 feet down watching a smaller cobia, when he caught the first glimpse of the massive fish. When it came close enough, he took the first shot at the cobia's back. Unfazed the cobia headed up to the surface.

"It continued to swim near the surface as if nothing had happened," Lobato told the Bradenton Herald.

Lobato followed the fish to take another shot, but it became startled and darted back down to the bottom. He waited patiently for 10 minutes for the monster to come back into view. When it did, Lobato wasted no time delivering another shot, but once again the fish dove back down into the depths. It came back up one last time, and Bravin delivered the finishing blow and landed the potential record cobia.

The cobia measured in at 172 pounds. The crew submitted the information to the International Underwater Spearfishing Association for verification of the record, but the organization has not yet made an official ruling. Lobato will likely get the record, considering the current record for cobia is 145.9 pounds.

Cobia is popular seafood because it has firm and flavorful meat. By the looks of the fish, the crew will be eating well for a while.

Image: Bradenton Herald


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Spearfishermen Catches Potential World Record Cobia