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Spearfisherman Has a Brush with a Great White in Florida

A hectic underwater meeting between a great white and a diver, with only a speargun for defense.

Wide Open Spaces reader Jimmy Roseman sent in this incredible video from a spearfishing endeavor in Florida’s Bethel Shoals, off the coast of Vero Beach.

This is a can’t miss video; the way the great white comes in and out of view in the slightly murky water is intense.

Of all the self-defense items you could have against a great white shark, a speargun isn’t that bad of an option. Still, it would take a precise shot to do enough damage to the giant fish, and it’s a guarantee that they can move faster than any human in the depths of the ocean.

Check out the video, and see if he takes a shot or not:

Probably a good choice on Jimmy’s part. It does look like he may have taken a jab at the shark around the 1:50 mark, and it seemingly turned the great white away.

Big thanks to Mr. Roseman for sending us the video to share with you, and for being far more brave than the lot of us.


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Spearfisherman Has a Brush with a Great White in Florida