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Spear Hunter Connects On Feral Hog [VIDEO]

Looking for a challenge? Get primitive like this hunter who is looking for the ultimate test in stealth hunting.

Longbows and recurves aren’t challenging enough, so this adventurous fellow decides to go primal all the way with a spear.

In this video, we see just how close you have to get to successfully connect on your chosen quarry. A spear hunter must be dead-on when it comes to stand placement.

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The equipment needed is pretty straightforward. A spear, with lots of practice hours, is all that is required. This hunter chose to use a quality spear made by Cold Steel.

The video has some old school editing and makes it clear that we should challenge ourselves with spear hunting. Did anyone notice he was throwing left handed?! Pretty sweet.

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Spear Hunter Connects On Feral Hog [VIDEO]