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Spear Gunning for Big Tuna Up Close and Personal [VIDEO]

Pescatore en Apnea/YouTube

This tuna killing freediver has my respect.

This guy hunted up a tuna that hit the scales at 230 lbs. That’s more than I weigh!

The risk involved is real. If he doesn’t hit the fish just behind the gill plate, he’s either going on a one-way ride tethered to this beast, or he’s going home one spear gun short. Watch as he patiently waits for just the right shot.

First off, just the fact that he’s a freediver gives him points. These guys dive deep into the ocean with only the air in their lungs to keep them alive. They have no SCUBA tanks or airhoses. If that weren’t enough, while they’re down there holding their breath, they try to get a little hunting in too.

That’s one chicken-of-the-sea I would think twice about sticking. Did you see how fast that line went streaking out of his gun? Yellowfin have been clocked at speeds topping out at 47 mph. The risk involved probably makes the reward that much sweeter though. Imagine kicking back on the patio later that evening with some freshly seared tuna steaks from that fish.

I’m not sure I’m ready to strap on my fins and face mask just yet to stick fish. I think bowfishing while I breathe air above the surface is more my speed.

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Spear Gunning for Big Tuna Up Close and Personal [VIDEO]