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Spear Fisherman Killed By Shark In Southern Australia

A spear fisherman killed by a shark off the coast of South Australia is the latest fatal shark attack in the country.

The Australian Broadcast Corporation reported that the 28-year-old victim was spear fishing with a group off of Goldsmith Beach on the Yorke Peninsula near the South Australia capital of Adelaide. Witnesses saw a shark attack him, but were unable to locate him after the attack. Rescue crews searched for the man, but were not able to find him.

The spear fisherman killed by the shark was the third fatal shark attack in Australia since last November, when two men were killed in attacks on the east and west coasts of the country. The string of recent shark attacks prompted the Western Australian government to begin a shark culling program last month, which has been highly contested by the public.

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To trap the sharks, the government has set out offshore drums that have large baited fishing lines attached to them. When the sharks bite the line, fishing crews come in by boat, reel in the sharks and deliver an electric shock to kill them. They then drag the shark bodies out to sea and dump them. A recent poll by UMR research showed that 82 percent of Australians don't think sharks should be killed, and that swimmers should swim at their own risk.

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In the US, the most notable recent shark attacks have occurred in Hawaii. 14 people were attacked by sharks in 2013 statewide.

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Spear Fisherman Killed By Shark In Southern Australia