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The Spear Camera Goes Hog Hunting [VIDEO]

This GoPro camera was just drafted to be a spear-pro camera.

Watch as this camera equipped spear takes down a big wild boar.

This piggy went to the freezer.

Spear hunting is a tough sport that requires a lot of practice. This hunter is well trained and has equipped his spear with a GoPro camera.

From above the group of feeding wild boars the hunter carefully takes aim. With one perfect throw the spear is on the way. The quick travel and impact on the wild boar is recorded on the camera. A mortal hit is achieved.

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GoPro cameras have been used in about every sport. We are sure the makers never imagined it strapped to a spear though. Great shot and we bet the bacon was especially good on this harvest.

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The Spear Camera Goes Hog Hunting [VIDEO]