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Sparring Gobblers Engage in Backyard Brawl

sparring turkeys

These sparring gobblers nearly fight to the death in a resident's backyard.

The question is, "Why are these sparring gobblers fighting in the middle of the summer?"

Doesn't matter. This is epic!

How these fighting turkeys don't kill each other in this rare footage is beyond me. Take a look for yourself.

It's unclear what these toms are battling over because there are no hens in the video. It's after prime turkey season, yet there still fighting hard core.

It could just be turkey emotions raging high, or territory boundaries were crossed. Whatever the reason these gobblers don't like each other.

They literally are biting each other's face. It is no wonder they don't poke the other's eyes out.

Either way these birds are mad sons-of-guns and getting any closer with the camera ensures sudden danger with their jagged spurs.

According to the resident who filmed this video ,the fight went on for over fifteen minutes, and this video was only the beginning.

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Sparring Gobblers Engage in Backyard Brawl