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Southern Right Whale with Albino Calf Spotted off Australia

A southern right whale with a rare albino calf was recorded off of Western Australia.

The coasts of Australia are home to many curious creatures, but when a Whale Watch Western Australia tour captured photos of an albino calf with its mother, even hardy observers were stunned.

The young southern right whale calf was seen in Flinders Bay, Augusta playing with its mother around July 29, 2016. Jemma Sharp of Whale Watch Western Australia said:

“It’s very, very rare to see an albino calf so we are very excited. We are not sure, but we think it could be the first sighting of an albino whale in the area since 2008.”

dalmation whale.

While the age of the special calf was estimated to be a mere three to four weeks old, it appeared quite healthy. Though the sex has yet to be verified the precocious young whale has been dubbed Pearl.

The sighting of the southern right whale albino came just days after the famed white humpback whale Migaloo was spotted near New South Wales (NSW)

Sharp said that they were hoping for a few more sightings before the inevitable migration north to the Antarctic. Scientists have even tagged the mother in an effort to keep watch on the pair.

Photos via WA Today



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Southern Right Whale with Albino Calf Spotted off Australia