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Southern Hog Control Night Vision Hunt


This night vision hunt from Southern Hog Control shows the sheer numbers of hogs that destroy crops

Feral pigs create a difficult challenge for farmers, destroying fields of crops and leaving the terrain damaged. However, Southern Hog Control is just one professional service that helps maintain these pests from getting out of hand.

Reaching sexual maturity in a matter of months, these feral animals can have up to a dozen piglets in a litter. A combination of trapping and shooting tactics are the best way to effectively remove a group of these animals which is known as a "sounder."

Under the cover of darkness, this sounder walks into a melee of gunfire from a DPMS AR 10 .308 rifle with twenty 180gr rounds. A Zeus Pro 640 50mm scope with a target ID range of 800 yards lights up the night, and lights up 11 of 14 hogs.

Just after the video's one minute mark, one wild hog breaks from the group charging at the shooter. A well timed and placed shot sends the pig off for an extended dirt nap.


Southern Hog Control does not sell rifles, but offers a variety of thermal detection night vision optics. For more information on their products or hunting opportunities, please visit their website at

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Southern Hog Control Night Vision Hunt