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10 Southern Bucks: They Aren’t as Small as You Think [PICS]


Are southern deer as small as everyone says?

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Everybody knows that deer from south of the Mason-Dixon are smaller than their northern or midwestern cousins. From genetics to nutrition, the odds just don’t seem to be in favor of southern hunters bagging a buck of a lifetime- in their backyard, at least.

Over the last decade, however, the quality of deer hunting in the southern states has been steadily on the rise. The influence of quality deer management practices- everything from antler point restrictions, to passing on immature bucks, to harvesting larger numbers of does- has increased the odds of seeing and harvesting a trophy. The south, it seems, can no longer be overlooked when it comes to quality deer hunting.

Here are 10 southern bucks that show that the next buck of a lifetime can come from anywhere.

#1 Mississippi Monster


Hunter: Tony Fulton

State: Mississippi

Year: 1994

Score: 295 6/8 (nontypical)

Method: Firearm

#2- James Stovall Buck


Hunter: James Stovall

State: Florida

Year: 1999

Score: 206 (nontypical)

Method: Firearm

#3 Dave Wachtell Buck


Hunter: Dave Wachtell

State: Tennessee

Year: 2000

Score: 244 3/8 (nontypical)

Method: Muzzleloader

#4 Georgia Biggie


Hunter: Fletcher Culpepper

State: Georgia

Year: 2012

Score: 234 6/8 (nontypical)

Method: Firearm

#5 Dillard’s Buck

Deer and Deer Hunting

Hunter: Danny Dillard

State: South Carolina

Year: 2010

Score: 172 in (typical)

Method: Firearm

#6 Kevin Merrell’s Impressive Buck


Hunter: Kevin Merrel

State: Arkansas

Year: 2011

Score: 179 4/8 (typical, Arkansas typical archery record)

Method: Archery

#7 Giant from Mississippi


Hunter: Joshua Bruce

State: Mississippi

Year: 2012

Score: 242 in (unofficial)

Method: Firearm

#8 Bayou Buck


Hunter: Alex LeBlanc

State: Louisiana

Year: 2013

Score: 204 (unofficial)

Method: Firearm

#9 Kentucky Brute


Hunter: Robert Smith

State: Kentucky

Year: 2000

Score: 204 2/8 (Kentucky typical record)

Method: Firearm

#10 Southern Grown Beast


Hunter: Thad Cartwright

State: Kentucky

Year: 2012

Score: 265 (velvet)

Method: Achery

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10 Southern Bucks: They Aren’t as Small as You Think [PICS]