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South Florida Bears Caught Breaking into Swimming Pool [VIDEO]

Maybe these South Florida bears just want a nice place to cool off? 

Judy Burris has been having a bear problem around her Florida home for some time. Burris, along with her neighbors, have been taking pictures of these South Florida bears on trash day, a regular routine stop for the bears, for several months. Until recently, the bears have stayed outside. However, all that changed when a few bears wanted to go for a swim.

Hear from the residents dealing with this bear problem and also the measures they are taking to drive the bears away.

"We'd known the bears were getting on the patio," said Burris. "They had originally torn that screen out. They were simply coming in to drink the water and probably to play."

The screaming bird alarm does seem like a good idea. Hopefully they can continue to resolve things peacefully with these South Florida bears and things don't get out of hand that requires more permanent measures to remove the bears.

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South Florida Bears Caught Breaking into Swimming Pool [VIDEO]