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South Dakota Hunter Invents Remote Elk Call Holder

This device will keep you from getting busted.

Roger Darling has a passion for hunting elk. After trying his luck in his home state of South Dakota, he expanded his elk hunting pursuits to Colorado and Montana. While hunting elk he got busted often and decided to do something about it.

“Getting busted” is hunter’s slang for being detected by and thereby spooking an animal. Most of the time, movement gets you busted, but occasionally it can be noise or odor. There are plenty of products on the market to deal with odor but movement is inevitable, especially if you are a bowhunter. Darling, the owner of Four Star Plastics, figured he could do something about minimizing movement.

“I had been busted so many times that I figured I had better do something about it,” he said. “I hunt on my own a lot, so I started looking at options for the guy who hunts on his own.”

He began to explore ways to distract the elk so that they are much less likely to hone in on your movement. Darling admits he does use decoys while elk hunting but he recognized that when you use a call the elk are going to look for the sound.

His solution is a remote elk call. What he actually came up with is an elk call holder that works in conjunction with one of the most popular elk calls on the market – the Primos Hoochie Mama.
Aberdeen News

Darling’s device is made so that the hunter inserts a Hoochie Mama call into the holder. The holder can be staked in the ground or tied to a small tree or limb with the included attachments. The holder is designed to block the vent hole on the call, like the hunter normally would with his/her thumb. The hunter would then depress the button that compresses the diaphragm and makes the noise. A string is attached to a stiff cable that activates a spring-tension plunger that actually pushes the button to make the sound. The string can be run just about any length you desire.

With a decoy and a call both away from the hunter, Darling’s device significantly lowers the chance of getting busted due to movement.

The device is not officially named yet, but Darling is considering calling it the “Hoochie Holder.” Look for it to become available in the near future.


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South Dakota Hunter Invents Remote Elk Call Holder