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South Dakota Fishing Proposal Rejected By Wildlife Officials


Wildlife officials rejected a proposal that would allow South Dakota fishing to go on year-round in all inland waters. 

South Dakota wildlife officials rejected a proposal that would allow spear and bowfishing in all of the state’s inland bodies of water.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission denied permission to conduct these fishing activities year-round with the use of legal equipment.

An established rule forbids spear and bowfishermen from pursuing paddlefish and sturgeon on their South Dakota fishing excursions. The rejected proposal would have been applied to all game fish in all inland waters. The proposal was an answer to a petition submitted by spearfisherman.

Currently, the South Dakota fishing season for spear and bowfisherman runs from June 15 to March 15 in established bodies of water, including Lake Sharpe, the Angostura Reservoir, Lake Francis Case and the Belle Fourche Reservoir.

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South Dakota Fishing Proposal Rejected By Wildlife Officials