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South Carolina Will See Deer Hunting Limit for the First Time in 10 Years

FB/South Carolina DNR

Starting in 2017, South Carolina will see a deer harvest limit for the first time in ten years.

A story in T&D Outdoors, written by Dan Geddings highlights the hard work that has gone into getting South Carolina to have a deer limit. After over a decade of hard work and dedication by wildlife professionals, hunters, and conservation minded citizens, Senate Bill S. 454 was signed into law by Gov. Nikki Haley on June 8th. It will have no effect on the upcoming deer season, but will be in full effect in 2017.

There will now be tagging requirements for all deer that are harvested, including bucks. After purchasing a hunting license and big game permit, resident hunters will be issued three buck tags along with eight antlerless tags.

Hunters can also purchase two additional buck tags if they so choose, but those will carry antler restrictions. In order to use these additional tags, bucks must have least four points on one side, or a minimum of a 12-inch inside antler spread. If hunters harvest all eight does, they can also purchase four additional doe tags. All additional tags will cost $5 per tag

It should be noted that deer hunting seasons have not been changed by the new law.

This law is a compromise between the DNR and Senate. It’s not going to solve all problems or be perfect, but it will help halt people that abuse and exploit our natural resources, and have no respect for wildlife.

South Carolina should be thrilled with this new law. As Dan Geddings stated, “A good friend e-mailed me one day recently that the bill had passed and was signed into law. It seemed too good to be true after all these years of doubt.” Hunters that would shoot absurd amounts of deer will now have to prepare to start scaling back.



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South Carolina Will See Deer Hunting Limit for the First Time in 10 Years